Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Religion & VR by Luke Porwol

Virtual Reality changes the world, can it change the way we relate to each other?

Every time a new communication medium emerges we wait in suspense how is it going to change the way we live. We are presented with a vision of connected paradise and dystopian apocalypses alike depending on who is talking. The print, telegram and wired phones strongly vilified, made space for radio, and the TV was certainly a “work of the devil” to many. But as it shows, with every new technology, we are just one step closer to better understanding our nature.

To kill Facebook or not to kill Facebook that is the question! I personally refuse to join the lynching of Facebook because of one big reason.

In short, Facebook is not the only guilty party here and the discussed exploitation of personal data of 50 million users came about without Facebook consent and was performed by a third-party: Cambridge Analytica who leveraged a loophole in their system.

Just a couple days ago, we witnessed a huge campaign against Facebook started with much online applaud after the scandal of alleged inappropriate personal data handling by Facebook was revealed. A public outrage…

It all drills down to awareness and positive, mindful approach

While the last couple of months of fake-news-panic in media brought a lot of fear and scepticism towards social media, in particular to Facebook, I am still happy and comfortable with my daily binge-Facebooking sessions. In fact, I believe Facebook makes me a better person every day?

OK, I have been “successfully brainwashed”, but have I? Let’s have a look at the core of the problem which is the widespread negativity. Negative news, shocking news, outrage all over: people kidnapped, murdered by terrorists, wars, epidemics, genocides, people are dying from hunger, homelessness is on increase, the climate is changing, stocks…

Luke Porwol

Researcher & Dreamer, VR is the next thing @NUIGalway @insight_centre @projectcompact

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